Our Offerings

Basic Forecasting
Drag & Drop Forecast
Basic UI
Access to 'Video Tutorials'
Access to Advanced Scenario Simulation & Al
Access to Explainable Al
Different Access Modes (e.g. Web UI, Email, API, Excel, CSV Download)
Ability to Store & Retrieve Forecasts
Access to Forecasty.Al Data Repository
Integration to Own Cloud Systems (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud)
On-Premise Installation & Support
UI / UX Customization for Specific Decision Making
Integration to Organization's Internal Database


Basic Offering

Use our Basic Offering for free to create robust forecasts that adds value to your business decisions

Standard Offering

Use our Standard Offering to improve your business desions at scale across your organization

Premium Offering

Use our Premium Offering to Improve you high frequency high value strategic decisions using our robust predictions

Flexible Options

Easily access Forecasty.AI through our flexible options



Quickly access our responsive solution from anywhere

On Premises

Get our product deployed in your on-premise server in no time


Easily integrate your on-premise solution with our product via hybrid configuration


Forecasty.AI UI

Generate one-click forecasts with our responsive UI


Integrate your existing dashboard to our product modules with minimal effort

Infrastructure Component

ntegrate our product modules into your existing IT infrastructure



Generate accurate forecasts without coding & data science background

Custom Projects

Engage with our data scientists to customize solution for your requirements